About PLEA


The Point Lisas Industrial Estate is the largest such facility in the Caribbean comprising several energy intensive industries, including ammonia, methanol, urea and iron and steel manufacture.

Over the past twenty years the industrial growth in this area of approximately 2,000 has been impressive and the consequent supporting activity including water and electricity supply, ship and cargo movements and employment of people equally so.

In addition, there has been a steady growth of residential and commercial activity in the nearby communities of Couva, California and Claxton Bay and while acknowledging the economic benefits that flow from the close presence of the industries at Pt. Lisas, increasing concern has been expressed regarding the health and safety impact of the plants on the estate and perceived threats to the well-being and quality of life of residents.

Almost concurrently with the concerns being expressed by residents, has been new efforts by Government to enhance and widen legal provisions governing the safety, health and environmental impact of industrial establishments. The establishment of the EMA, the updating of the Factories Act and the tougher requirements of the Town and Country Division are signals of the new thrust.

It is against this background that it was proposed to establish the Point Lisas Energy Association of CEOs.

Objectives of the Association

  • To encourage cooperation among its members to improve and enhance the image of the Point Lisas heavy industrial sector
  • To encourage its members to improve their performance in health, safety and environmental quality through programs such as Responsible Care
  • To provide a forum to listen, and respond to genuine concerns of the public concerning safety, health and environmental matters on the estate
  • To coordinate efforts in approaches to Government agencies on matters of mutual interest
  • To expand existing mutual assistance programs in fire-fighting, ambulatory and first aid services and develop new areas of mutual assistance where practicable
  • To do such things as requested by the majority of members that would enhance the prospects of the industries in general by acting together rather than as individual entities
  • To make joint-representations to the landlord of the estate, Plipdeco about matters of mutual interest to members