PLEA Pass-Card

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Why was the PLEA Pass-card Programme developed?

Contractors represent the largest percentage of the workforce in the Energy/Petrochemical sector, especially during plant outages and turnarounds. An outcome of this is that contractor workers are more exposed to hazards of the workplace thus can have a significant impact on safety management.

What are the objectives of the PLEA Pass-card Programme?

To agree and implement a set of Minimum standards for HSEQ Management & the Development of a Collaborative and Mutually Beneficial culture Between Contractors & PLEA Member Companies.

What is the PLEA Pass-card Programme?

The PLEA Pass-card (formerly PLEA Passport) programme was developed to document the required HSE training; record site specific orientations, and identify bearers.

A 10-hour programme was the first step in the pass-card system based on a standard developed by PLEA and delivered by approved trainers. The 10-hour training is a pre-requirement for the contractor personnel to work at any of the PLEA Member Companies and is valid for two years after which the bearer must complete an 8-hour refresher course.

What are the benefits of the Pass-card Programme?
  • Replace multiple orientation cards
  • Allows for standardization
  • Easy verification of training
  • Single user friendly card
Will training and assessments be offered in languages other than English?

Using our relationship with HASC, the Energy Chamber Learning Centre plans to also offer courses in other languages, in particular Spanish. Further information on these will be provided in due course.

What happens to workers who are unable to read?

The Energy Chamber Learning Centre has proctors who will help workers unable to read complete the assessment, through an oral examination.

For the PLEA Pass Programme workers will be issued with a PLEA Pass card, but with the following course code: PLEA-10-V

What is the cost of the PLEA Assessment?

PLEA 10-hour Assessment Cost: TT$ 200 +VAT

What are the methods of payment?
  • Linx, Visa or MasterCard
  • Company Cheque (members only)
  • Manager’s Cheque (non-members)
  • Bank Slip (available at Front Desk)
  • Note: RBC Bank Atlantic Plaza opens at 10 am
Where is the PLEA Assessment performed?

The Energy Chamber Learning Centre

What are the Hours of Operation for the Learning Centre?
  • Normal Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm (Registration ends at 3pm)
  • Exam and Training Times: Mon – Fri: 8am – 3pm
How do I establish contact?
  • Address: Suite A1.08 Atlantic Plaza, Atlantic Avenue, Point Lisas
  • Phone: 868-679-1165, 868-636-5956 or 868-679-7113 (Manager’s line)
  • Fax: 868-636-1156
  • Email:
How do I sign up for the PLEA Assessment?


Online (Extranet) Registration – Only available to Member Companies

  • Must fill out our Online User Application Form and the Online Authorized User Data Form
  • An Application form must be filled for each authorized user
  • Must receive from the Learning Centre an email confirmation with your username(s) and password(s)
  • Once confirmation has been received you can access the Extranet and enter your Username and Password
  • Please refer to the document “The Online User Guidelines”

Fax Registration (Companies Only)

  • Must fill out a Fax Registration Form
  • You must indicate your method of payment
  • Only Manager’s cheques will be accepted for non-member companies
  • You must know your trainees ID card numbers
  • Must know their full name
  • Must indicate the training code/name
  • Must indicate whether you want your trainee to retest if they fail the assessment
  • Must sign and date form
  • One form can be used to register up to 10 trainees

Walk-In Registration (Companies)

  • Must send an Authorized Personnel
  • Must have knowledge of employee’s (trainee) Identification number (ID Card, DP or PP)
  • Must fully complete Walk-in Registration Form (available at the Front Desk)
  • Must make payment via Linx, Credit Card, Bank Deposit Slip (available at the Front Desk) or Manager’s cheque
  • The Energy Chamber’s member companies can be invoiced

Walk-In Registration (Individuals)

  • Must walk with National ID (T&T nationals) or Passport (Caricom & Foreign Nationals) or you must have knowledge of employee’s (trainee) Identification number
  • If trainee does not have an ID card they can use their Driver’s Permit or Passport
  • Must fully complete Walk-in Registration Form (available at the Front Desk)
  • Must make payment via Linx, Credit Card or Bank Deposit slip ONLY (available at the Front Desk)

Verbal (Oral) Exams

  • All oral exams must be paid for in advance at our office
  • The exam date given is not transferable
  • The exam fee paid is non-refundable
  • Exceptions: Death (proof must be submitted) or Natural disasters or Country wide emergencies


  • The same form of ID must be used for all services accessed at The Learning Centre
  • CARICOM & Foreign Nationals must use their passport to register. The PLEA will only be valid for 30 days if a Work Permit is not submitted
  • CSME certificate holders are exempt as well as persons with residency status (proof must be submitted)
  • For CARICOM & Foreign nationals your PLEA PASSPORT will have the same expiry date as Work Permit (not applicable to CARICOM Nationals with valid Skills Certificate)
  • Once the proper documentation has been supplied, expiration dates will be amended to reflect the date on extended Work Permits
  • For persons requiring an oral exam a booking must be made with the front desk personnel two days in advance of your training date
What is the relationship between the PLEA Pass Programme and the Energy Chamber Learning Centre?

The Point Lisas Energy Association (PLEA) has entered into an agreement with the Energy Chamber under which the Energy Chamber will initially be the sole provider of assessments for the PLEA 10 hour basic health and safety training course. The Energy Chamber Learning Centre is responsible for conducting all assessments for the PLEA Pass Programme and for issuing PLEA Pass Cards that will be used to determine whether contactor workers have basic HSE knowledge before entering any PLEA member company work site.

Under the agreement the Energy Chamber Learning Centre will not be conducting training for the PLEA 10 hour course. All workers who have successfully completed the PLEA basic safety assessment will be issued with PLEA Pass Cards with the following course code: TTPP-10.

How long will it take to get a PLEA Pass after the assessment is completed?

The Energy Chamber Learning Centre will provide individuals successfully completing assessments with updated cards immediately on completion of their assessment and before they leave the Learning Centre.