Message from The Chair


elcome to the official website of the Point Lisas Energy Association (“PLEA”). Established in ian-welchOctober 1999, the overarching goal of PLEA, is to provide a collaborative forum for its members to connect, consider, and take appropriate steps to further their common interests.

The Point Lisas Industrial Estate is the largest such facility in the Caribbean, comprising several energy intensive industries. Given the impressive growth of the Point Lisas Estate and the critical role it continues to play in our national economy, the relevance of PLEA cannot be exaggerated. As producers, we maintain a keen focus on addressing matters relating to safety, health, environmental protection, infrastructure and security needs, not only for our members, but for our neighboring communities. We also continue to work hard, to ensure our views are heard in matters relating to governmental policy and regulations, likely to impact our members.

Our members are particularly proud of the work we have done through our Contractor Management Programme. This Programme serves to ensure an acceptable level of performance by contractors, in the areas of safety, health, environmental stewardship and quality of workmanship, consistent with the practices and policies of our member sites. By providing the required leadership, we are able to improve the safety and health of workers employed on the Point Lisas Estate, and generally enhance contractor safety culture and knowledge.

Together, we remain committed to working in the interests of our members, in a manner that sustains the Point Lisas Estate, for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

We thank you for visiting our site, and  hope the information provided is beneficial to you.

Ian E. Welch
Chairman, Point Lisas Energy Association