Contractor HSEQ Sub-Committee

The PLEA Contractor HSEQ Management Sub-Committee is a team of HSEQ Leaders and practitioners representing each PLEA member company. They meet on a monthly basis to formulate develop and implement various aspects of the PLEA Contractor programme.

What is the purpose of the PLEA Contractor HSEQ Management Sub-Committee?

To develop and manage a Coordinated Contractor Management System which is to be operated by all Point Lisas Energy Association (PLEA) member companies in order to:

To ensure the safety of contractors coming on site – they must return home to their families without harm

To reduce any and all instances of contractor related accidents and incidents within the work environment

Ensure contractor employees on site have minimum HSEQ competence & awareness to work in PLEA companies

Value / Drivers – PLEA Contractor HSEQ Management Sub-Committee:

These are our timeless guiding principles that are of personal value to us within the PLEA Contractor HSEQ Management Sub-Committee.
They guide us in all of our actions and interactions.

Safety in energy

Respect input / contribution of all PLEA member companies

Contractor HSEQ Sub-Committee Organizational Chart

To resolve the current challenges faced by the PLEA Pass-card system by 2018:
  • Reduce the Assessment Failure Rate, review the program content and assessment questions
  • Add more value to the PLEA Pass-card program
  • Accredit / Certify the program against recognised quality standard
  • To continue sharing “Best Practices” and “Lessons Learnt” with greater efficiency
While the vision is about the future, our mission articulates the present, what we do and where we are now.
Our accomplishments to date include:
  • Digital / electronic PLEA Pass-card system
  • An independent Assessment Centre for PLEA 10 hr program
  • Functioning Secretariat
  • 5 successful Best Practice Workshops
  • Approved standards for drug testing and crane operator medicals
  • Fully operational Learning Centre in partnership with The Energy Chamber